Blindtechno is a team talk community that gives and releases barriers to have persons with visual impairment a friendly family. This community gives an entertainment by going live in ice cast or simply going to the main server. On that way, the individual will meet and feel comfortable looking for friends to talk to.
Blindtechno is also a school that teaches the blind about technology to catch up with a normal individual, or persons with no impairment. Over all, the blindtechno community removes the barrier that the blind individual will encounter by looking for accessibility resources for you.


Blindtechno is first known as the name called team talkers. In 2017, the team talker's team is being merged on the team called team talkers, which has been the blindtechno right now. The team talkers gained many friends in such a way that they can make a new team. The head administrator (Owen Macasu, as well as his brother Otly Macasu), has started to look for a server that can build new friends of friends. And that’s the server called the kn4crc.com. The administrators at that time are the macasu brothers and Jocelle Muceros.

Owen, the head admin has decided to look for someone who can help him to manipulate and help the server grow. From then, he calls his friend Elvis Maquirang who knows the technology to help him to make the server grow. Owen keeps inviting and inviting more friends until Elvis sent Ric Laren. His playmate has invited to Owen’s server to become friend with them. With that, Owen saw a potential to Ric that in spite of his age, he has known many different languages about the computer thus Owen wants Ric Laren to be part of the administration team.

Team talkers and friends became best friends. The server gained more and more visitors to the point that the team can build such a wonder big family. One of the Filipino friend Yukie has introduced the first ever-Filipino server called Phil talk. The Phil talk allowed Owen to create his first server to gain more friends. The friends of friends have a good bonding with each other until Owen and the whole team talkers has decided that they want to be independent. They want to create their very own family. Thus Owen, Otly and Elvis bought own server and the server called blindtechno.

Also, they have two other friends applied for the position as an Admin of the Blindtechno. They are Jeffrey Venturina and Timothy John Melgar. Of course, The Macasu brothers and their co-admins approved them because they have also a potential and skills that can help Blindtechno to become more progressive.

The blindtechno kept growing bigger and bigger, and looking forward in creating a blind community.




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